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We set standards

The most important part of our work is continuous progress. We operate in multiple areas: on the commercial and housing property market, in the construction industry, production, multimedia and mining. We know that to achieve success in so many fields, it is necessary to follow innovative solutions and set the highest standards on the market.

Innovation in Poland

We believe that it is worth it to create in Poland. ECI Group has operated on the Polish market for over 20 years and it is here that we have located 100% of our capital.
First and foremost, ECI Group means people: a team of professionals of the highest order, well-honed for many years, from each area of our activities. It allows us to approach the realisation of even the boldest projects in a creative way, while guaranteeing safety, satisfaction and high rate of return on investments for our clients.

Commercial property

ECI S.A. has operated on the Polish property market for 20 years. From the very beginning, we have consistently maintained the highest level of project execution, setting standards for the sector of office, warehouse and production property.
Urban development projects are of particular importance to us. With each investment, we look towards the future, at long-term needs of the entire area.
We work in cooperation with BPS TFI S.A. It is a fund that maintains a portfolio of completed development projects and acquires financing for new projects on the property market.

Housing property

ECI S.A. started operating on the housing market in 2015 – since then, we have put up for sale over 700 apartments. In our work, we combine functional design with the highest quality of workmanship, which enables us to successfully establish our position on the housing market.
Our flagship projects are Moduo Mokotów House in the Warsaw district of Mokotów and Nowe Odolany – a housing project in Wola district.
For mid-2017, we are planning another investment in Mokotów, involving approx. 300 new luxury suites.

Comprehensive construction

Consteel operates in several sectors of the construction industry: we build warehouses, production and exhibition halls as well as high-class office buildings and attractive housing developments. We are also the general contractor of ferro-cement works within the executed projects.
Moreover, we perform modernisation and comprehensive finishing of office and housing buildings, including interior design and decoration.
Thanks to an experienced engineering staff and modern equipment we can offer solid, timely and economic delivery of work of the highest quality.

Style and functionality

Investim S.A. has been the leader among street furniture manufacturers in Poland for 26 years. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and application of the best technologies, our company is rapidly developing, and conquering the markets of major Polish cities. Our success is confirmed by numerous awards as well as quality and credibility certificates.
We manufacture high-quality construction products, combining urban functionality with modern aesthetics. We offer a wide range of items: plant pots, waste containers, bicycle stands, flower stands and street furniture. Our products are used in the streets, parks, around office and housing buildings, as well as shopping centres.


Brzezinka and Studzienice are project companies working on the construction of modern bituminous coal mines in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Brzezinka 3 and Studzienice 1). The execution of these investments will contribute to the creation of several thousand jobs in mining and associated businesses, to the increase in revenue for the budget of the communes and the state treasury, and to the overall economic invigoration of the region. We want to be a member of the local community, invest on the local market, cooperate with local entrepreneurs and regional authorities.

Coal from the Brzezinka 3 deposit is a premium product of the highest quality; coarse, low-sulphated, and with low ash content. Our distinctive feature is the extraction and management system which aims, among others, at rational management of the fossil fuel while preserving as much of the earth’s surface as possible, and guarantee the safety of miners’ work, maintaining at the same time low extraction costs.

World-class creativity

Tate Multimedia S.A. is a Polish company that for years has been among the leading publishers of games for various platforms and in a broad range of genres. For 17 years, we have been operating in Europe, North America, Japan and China. Thanks to creativity, innovative approach and excellent knowledge of global games markets, we enjoy worldwide recognition, and our games win prestigious awards and conquer bestsellers lists all over the world.
Games we published include: the series about Kao the kangaroo, Lucky Luke – Go West!, Astérix and Obélix XXL 2, and the latest offering – Urban Trial Freestyle that premiered at no. 1 on the PlayStation® Vita sales list in Europe and USA, and stayed at no. 3 of online sales in Japan.

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